Get those salt shakers primed and ready, on the grounds that there’s not simply gossipy tidbits about another Fantastic Four film in transit, yet one that would professedly be endlessly unique in relation to Fox’s previous two endeavors at conveying Marvel’s First Family to the extra large screen. Draining Cool claims that the film, with a screenplay being taken a shot at by Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Seth Grahame-Smith, will refocus on the more youthful partners of the Fantastic Four as opposed to explicitly the center group of Sue, Reed, Johnny, and Ben.

Furthermore, when we say youthful, we mean youthful: the motion picture purportedly spins around Sue and Reed’s children, the super savvy (and super intense) Franklin and Valeria Richards, with Human Torch and the Thing going about as the more seasoned, more astute components of the group. The site additionally asserts this would actually be totally expelled from the current tragic reboot of the property, and would be going for an Incredibles-style lighter tone to additionally remove it. Clearly this is all to be brought with an exceptionally wary eye until we here any more about this.

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